Iglesia Ni Cristo “World Wide Walk”

Hello! So here’s what we did today..

Woke up early in the morning, maybe around 5am so that we could get to the event early. Oh! I didn’t tell you what this is all about!! The religion that I belong to, which is the Iglesia Ni Cristo also known as Church of Christ, had a fund raising event for the victims of the typhoon Yolanda or more commonly known as Typhoon Haiyan. It has been reported to be one of the strongest typhoons and it killed a lot of people here in my country (Philippines).

Till now, some victims still doesn’t have houses, enough clothes and of course, food. And so, the Iglesia Ni Cristo Administration decided to have a fund raising for the typhoon victims. You just pay 250php (pesos) which will be automatically donated to the victims. After you pay, you will get a free shirt that we eventually wore to the said event.

It was super hot and a lot of members in the church of Christ participated in the event.. I think it’s really worth it considering that the victims need to have a home and enough food and clothing and walking for like, i don’t know, 1.6 kilometers is not bad. It’s all for a ’cause. We walked so they can stand!!

To God be the Glory!!!

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